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Holistic healing for your mind, body, and spirit.

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TheWellWell – an earthy and warm holistic healing marketplace, which connects practitioners with those seeking a healing experience

Problem Statement

Launch a marketplace for holistic healers and users seeking wellness to connect.

Kelli, the founder of the Well Well, met with us to alleviate a lot of issues that were happening with their current design & development partners on a product that was days away from launch. After looking through everything, we realized the product was not ready to launch and not salvageable in its current state.


TheWellWell – an earthy and warm holistic healing marketplace, which connects practitioners with those seeking a healing experience


To redesign and redevelop a holistic healing platform.

We needed to revisit all aspects from product design, to user experience and also the engineering guts powering the entire marketplace.

Development Marketplace UI/UX Wordpress


Holistic healing for your mind, body, and spirit.

“Kamran and his team have been absolutely paramount for getting this project up and running. FireKamp immediately came through and overdelivered. They have been an incredible partner in bringing this vision to live.”

– Kelli Steckler, Founder of TheWellWell


That we needed to overcome


We needed to have a complete understanding of the existing product we were being asked to rewrite, to ensure the suggestions and approach had no room for misinterpretation or error.


The attention to detail needed to be very high when assessing which parts of the core user journey and code can be reused vs. needs to be entirely rewritten/designed.


Product hooks and optimizations needed to be thought out since we wanted to build a marketplace, which is reliant upon liquidity of both user segments.

Our Approach

That we needed to overcome

1 / Product Design

  • Understand the current platform, features and intent by working with the Well Well Co team and going through the existing application code and product.
  • Create a PRD to capture our understanding of the current offerings and recommended changes we should make to the product.
  • Put together a set of wireframes and prototype walking external stakeholders through the revised product we proposed building.
  • Rebrand the product with a fresh set of fonts, colors and imagery.
  • Apply the new brand kit to the wireframes and bring the product to life.

2 / Engineering

  • Look through the existing application architecture to assess if there is anything usable in the current build.
  • Identify any 3rd party tools or frameworks which would allow us to expedite the process of building a marketplace. Draft a list of potential solutions with our recommendation for proceeding with the project (Listeo).
  • Once wireframes were locked, start rebuilding the enhanced functionality into the Wordpress/Listeo website.
  • As development began, we setup a different environment and pipeline to mange the Wordpress website with multiple engineering working on it at the same time.

3 / QA

  • Put together a comprehensive test plan once the PRD and Wireframes were locked
  • Test each module and feature iteratively on the development environment before promoting to staging for client review
  • Test on a large amount of browsers, devices and form factors

4 / Project Management

  • Weekly video calls with stakeholders to demo the current progress
  • Async updates and access to our project management boards in real-time
  • Collaborative discussions on our Figma for product and design queries in real-time


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The Services We Provided

Our Team

We’re a global team, but that doesn’t stop us
from working hard and playing even harder.

  • Hem S.
    Frontend Developer
  • Yash F.
    Frontend Developer

Kamran P

CEO & Founder


Emma T

COO & Lead Designer

Emma T

COO & Lead Designer


Saqib Z

Marketing Manager


Saqib Z

Marketing Manager

Bilal M

Frontend Developer


Ha N

2D Concept Artis

Technologies Used

  • Figma

    Product & Branding &

  • Wordpress &

    Website Development

  • listeo

    Marketplace & Listings

  • mailchimp

    Marketing & Emails

  • digitalocean

    Serverless Functions &