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helping women with pcos

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    2022 and ongoing

A branding, product packaging and e-commerce launch.

Problem Statement

Our friends at PCOS Weight Loss reached out to us for support in revitalizing their supplement line packaging and launching their storefront.


Ovafit – a unique supplement line of multi-vitamins and protein powder has a very uplifting and unique look and feel for their product packaging and branding, along with a sleek and conversion-optimized online presence.

Over 6 figures in sales in one day!


To build a sleek, modern and bespoke product, tailored for consumers looking to lose weight and manage PCOS. The deliverables comprised of supplement line branding, packaging and a fully-functional, mobile-responsive website.

Branding Development Marketing UI/UX


Helping Women With PCOS

“They really helped us with every detail which was needed for bottles, packaging, our website and development. We have been able to trust them with SO many things. They follow through so quickly, so efficiently, with so much integrity. They are the only people I want to work with..ever again.”

– Talenne & Sirak Kalayci, Founders of


That we needed to overcome


To design the product packaging which came across as modern, bespoke and heatfelt, while remaining compliant through FDA and external layers of approval.


We needed to bridge our e-commerce solutions with external vendors with varying systems and requirements in order to handle fulfillment of orders.

Our Approach

That we needed to overcome

We had two parallel teams working together in order to find the right balance of speed and quality to meet the client and external launch timelines.

Team #1

Composed of product designers and brand experts to create the branding, packaging, print materials and overall customer journey.

Team #2

Composed of product managers, designers, developers and quality assurance to create the live web and mobile experience customers can use to purchase the supplement line.


Setup an intro video call to align on the client needs, project scope, timelines, team working processes and the overall product style we were looking to match.


We researched about leading industry supplement lines and their packaging styles. Next, the team bundled all of the research, insights and variations of of different supplement lines into into bite-sized design mooboards to align on visual composition and packaging style.


After aligning on branding and style with PCOS, we kicked off design efforts for our design specialists to start iterating and coming up with packaging variations. We reviewed and chose the top few contenders of product lines internally and sent back to the PCOS team for feedback and iteration.


With the branding locked, we were ready to start the web design efforts. We started wireframing the end to end user journey and store experience.


After approval and user testing, we applied the customized branding we created to the low-fidelity wireframes and started bringing the experience to life.


When the websites high-fidelity designs and live prototypes were approved, we kicked off development efforts for the frontend and backend engineers.


Through the development phase, we followed strict discipline and sprint planning, meaning we sent weekly updates and builds to external stakeholders for close review and feedback cycles.


Once all integrations with external fulfillment venders and our own development was completed, we built a comprehensive test plan and exhaustively tested the frontend and backend platforms across various devices.


The last step was for our infrastructure team to configure the deployment pipelines for production and roll all of the hard work out. We did a final smoke test on production and then shortly after were ready to take orders!

Package Design

We have completed the application product on the phone with a
fast file upload speed, ensuring the security of user data.


Mobile Pages

The Services We Provided

Our Team

We’re a global team, but that doesn’t stop us
from working hard and playing even harder.


Kamran P

CEO & Founder


Emma T

COO & Lead Designer

Emma T

COO & Lead Designer


Saqib Z

Marketing Manager


Saqib Z

Marketing Manager

Bila M

Front-End Developer


Ha N

2D Concept Artist

Technologies Used

  • Adobe

    Product Branding

  • Adobe

    Product Branding

  • Figma

    Product & Branding &

  • Wordpress &

    Website Development

  • ConvertKit