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An audio-based medical learning platform

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We build MedSchoolCoach a fully customized web and mobile audio platform to train and work with aspiring medical professionals.


MCAT students use a variety of resources (most commonly books and videos) to cover the science material that they need to know for the exam. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of sitting all day in a library staring at a screen or a book to study.

MedSchoolCoach (MSC) wanted to create a solution for busy students who can consume the study material on the go through audio lessons; anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.

We helped MedSchoolCoach (MSC) create an end-to-
end solution for students preparing for MCAT on the Go.


MedSchoolCoach provides pre-med and medical school admissions consulting services, MCAT and USMLE/COMLEX tutoring, and unique products and experiences that help students become physicians.


After the success of their flagship product MCAT Prep, they wanted to increase their product offerings by adding an app that can help students prep for MCAT on the go.


Result? MCAT Go - A Spotify-esque app to help students take their lessons on the move, create playlists of different topics, take pre-made playlists on certain topics, and on-demand quizzes to test their understanding of topics.


We creative an immersive and fun way to learn boring and technical concepts,
by creating a first ever medical educational audio podcasrt and learning platform.

Branding Development Laravel Nuxt.js UI/UX


First of it’s kind audio platform for medical students

“The hands on and in-depth help that Kamran and his team provide seperates them from the rest of the other agencies..things sort of just get done..We’ve been impressed with their long-term partnership view and happy we have a trusted partner in the development process.“

– Sahil Mehta, Founder of MedSchoolCoach


That we needed to overcome


Design the learning system that helps in the retention of the study material.


Create a delivery system that compliments the learning system and can be consumed on the go yet ensures retention of the study material.

Our Team

We’re a global team, but that doesn’t stop us
from working hard and playing even harder.


Kamran P

CEO & Founder

Emma T

COO & Lead Designer


Emma T

COO & Lead Designer

Saqib Z

Marketing Manager


Saqib Z

Marketing Manager

  • Mei Nguyen
    Product Manager
  • Frank A
    React Developer
  • Sharjeel I
    React Developer
  • John R
    React Developer
  • John R
    React Developer
  • Vishal P

The Services We Provided

Refine & Output

Construct a design system with clear branding guiline and details all of
the components which are shown many different kind of cases

Logo Composition

Color Scheme

We used the idea from the original color on the dollar bill. Green represents growth. Dark Blue represents stability and reliability. The colors are dynamic but still harmonious and easy to see when many indicators appear at the same time.




Construct a design system with clear branding guiline and details all of the components which are shown many different kind of cases

Landing Page

Mobile App

Technologies Used

  • Figma

    Product & Branding &

  • Vue.js

    Website Development

  • Nuxt.js

    Marketplace & Listings

  • Hubspot

    Marketing & Emails

  • Amazon AWS

    Serverless Functions &