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Problem statement

Making stock trading accessible to everyone!

Alurts brings the power of real-time stock alerts directly to your phone. The majority of the stock trading apps available don’t provide real-time alerts, the alerts are not backed by historical data, the apps are expensive and extremely difficult to use for a newbie trader. With this realization, we set out to build a solution that will make stock trading easy for everyone, regardless of whether you are a professional day trader or someone who wants to get started with stock trading!


We created a stock alert system that predicts stock movements accurately and provides 100% data-backed alerts directly to the user’s SMS or email.


Build a stock alerts app that provides real-time, 100% accurate alerts and is powerful enough
for a professional day trader and easy enough to use for someone starting stock trading.

Challenges That We Needed To Overcome


A powerful algorithm that analyzes and predicts the stocks that will be the biggest movers.


Generate accurate stock alerts in real-time.


Fuse powerful features and intuitive UX in one app.


Project Owner

Kamran P

Product Manager

Mei Nguyen

Marketing Lead

Saqib Z

ui/ux designer

Emma T

Full-Stack Developer

John R

Frontend Developer

Bilal M

Frontend Developer

Frank A

UI Designer

Taimur B


The Services We Provided

Product Management Product Design Marketing Software Development


We mapped out what the stock alert system will function and look like through extensive user research, focus groups, and design thinking workshops.


With the fundamentals in place, the design and product teams focused on creating the UI/UX flows that translate our learnings in the discovery phase.


The engineering team got down to technical details, creating a system that can accurately chart out the top 10 stocks.


With everything charted and approved by the client, we released the app's beta version.


The marketing team launched the website to convert users and start taking beta users.


Working with the client’s marketing team, we launched a TikTok campaign that funneled users to our website and then the beta program.


After weeks of extensive testing and iterating on users’ feedback in late November, we released Alurts to the general audience.

Results in numbers


Members in Waitlist

$1k MRR

With Zero Marketing
on Launch


Iteration in Progress

Designing Alurts

Construct a design system with clear branding color and details all of the components which are shown many different kind of cases



We used the idea from the original color on the dollar bill. Green represents growth. Dark Blue represents stability and reliability. The colors are dynamic but still harmonious and easy to see when many indicators appear at the same time.




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